Sunday, September 16, 2012

Disneyland(Forever ago because I take so long to get my posts up)

At the start of Summer I told the kids that we'd be going to Disneyland near the end of Summer. "What's Disneyland?" was their response. So I got online to the Disneyland website and showed them them the pictures and video to get them all excited for it. As soon as Cailyn saw the little girl in the video dressed like Cinderella hugging Cinderella, she had to have a Cinderella Dress. So I made her one that I was super happy with - I'm sort of a stinky butthead when it comes to making the costumes look like original rather that like all of the blinged out ones you see in the store. Yes blinged out is a word, at least it is for me. Disneyland was lots of fun. That morning Cailyn kept saying, "I can't believe we're really going to DISNEYLAND". Cailyn really wanted to hug princesses but unfortunately that didn't happen. The princess lines were so long and it was 100 degrees out, we just didn't feel like waiting. But she was satisfied with seeing them in the Main Street Parade, which was awesome. The kids favorite part was the "Small World" ride. Why do they love it so? The song never ends even after the ride is over, it's in your head forever. But the loved the moving, singing dolls. The kids all dressed up. My brothers daughter wore an incredible Belle dress that her Abuela (Grandma) made for her. It made me feel rather sheepish about the Cinderella dress I made. Oh well, Cailyn loved it, and I was happy with it. Anyway, enough rambling from me and on to the pictures.

All Our Little Characters

Cailyn (Cinderella)
Braden (Mickey Mouse)
Gracie (Snow White)
Cailyn was invited to dance with Chip and Dale, she still talks about it.
Cailyn with the Fairy God-Mother, she was so sweet.

Ariel at the Parade

Snow White and Aurora
Cinderella and Belle

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cobb Family Reunion 2012!!!

Mom and Dad decided this year to take us all down to southern California for the family reunion. It had been at nine years since I was down there last and even longer since I've seen some of my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. So I was super excited to go, dreading the long drive, but still super excited. Boy-oh-boy was it and adventure or what?

Day 1 (yes it was so eventful that I have to section it into days) : The plan was to get in the car and drive the 8 hours or so to Bakersfield where we would stay in a hotel for the night and freshen up for the 3 hour car drive and family fun the following day. All went really well.....until...dun dun dun. Was that ominous?
About, oh I'd say 3 hours before we normally would have reached our destination, the car breaks down. It was weird, everything electrical just turned off but the car was still running fine otherwise. Then Kate (we were riding together in her car) realized she could no longer accelerate. We pulled over and called Mom and Dad, and YAY for California highway patrol men. One stopped and asked Dad if they were okay and Dad told him about our predicament. He helped us get to a safer- is that a word? It is today! - part of the highway.

Okay, do you actually want to hear all the details, probably not. So, to make a long story short - too late? - the car died on us three different times, the last one in the dark, before we realized we would have to leave it - yes leave it, ugh - on the side of the highway and move on to our hotel and sleep and then take care of it the next morning. If it was even still there, with all our stuff in it I might add. And so our 8 hour drive turned into a 15 hour drive.

I must say the kids were awesome considering the situation. Very few and minor meltdowns, they handled it really well, way better that most of the adults in fact, myself included.

So anyway, we got to the hotel and got rest and oh lucky day for us the was still there in the morning.

onto Day 2:  The new plan - instead of us all driving the three hours to the family reunion together and getting there early and having a great time - was that Mom and Dad rent a car and go to Kate's car and move all our stuff to the rental and have the car towed away to a mechanic, while the rest of us go on to the reunion and they would join us when they finished dealing with the car.

That supposedly 3 hour drive would have been longer even without the cashew incident (oh, I'll get it, don't worry) because the kids were a bit grumpy, who can blame them. We had to make a lot of potty and tantrum stops.

And oh yes, the cashew I mentioned. We discovered, in the middle of the desert 20-30 minutes to the nearest town which luckily - previously unbeknownst to us - had a hospital, that Kate's little girl, not yet 2 years old, has an allergy to cashews, or to the peanut oil the cashews were most likely cooked in (I'm leaning more toward the peanut, her brother has an allergy to peanuts, though not as severe as hers seems to be). So three hours in the hospital - that we were ever so grateful for - and another half hour on the road later, we reached out destination and our 3 hour drive had become an 8 hour drive. After a whole lot of hot and sweaty hugs, we settled in for the weekend and tried to sleep through a very hot night.

Days 3&4 went on smoothly without bad events, for us at least - my aunts stepson broke his arm but he got a cast on it and came back up for more fun. Even though we were hot and exhausted, we had a great time. I was so happy to have seen all - well, a lot of them anyway - of my family that I haven't seen in so long. Unfortunately my camera battery died and I couldn't charge it while we were there and so I have very few pictures. But here are some of the few that I do have.

                                                                My Beautiful Grandma

                                                              Nathans Paparazzi Shot

                                                           Uncle Gene, "I got a snake".

                                                           Mike at the Shooting Station

After the family reunion fun we headed to our hotel in Newport and got ready for Disneyland the following day, Yay!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Update in Pictures

Potty Time

So I've been really lazy about potty training Braden. He always says "No" when I ask him if he wants to go on the potty chair and I just haven't felt like fighting it. Wednesday I decided to get on the ball and just make him go and not let him have a diaper, he is 3 now after all. He's doing fantastic. He had about three accidents that day and not one since. It took only two days to potty train him, rock on. Yay for a lower diaper bill. Maybe now I'll try to get Gracie going a little early, she's been wanting to go, and sitting on the potty but she hasn't gone in it yet. We're almost diaper free, yay.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Potty Time

So, Braden's been wanting to sit on the potty for a while now and we've been letting him but he's never actually gone while sitting on it. We have one of those little training potty chairs. Today he sat on it and went pee, Yay. Granted he didn't actually get anything in the potty chair, but it's a start right?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

That Girl!

Cailyn: "You brush my teeth, then I brush my teeth".

Mommy: "No, just I'll brush your teeth tonight, we don't have time for both".

Cailyn: (In her drama queen voice)"Uoh, how could you say such a thing"?

A few minutes later.........

Mommy: Cailyn you feel warm, I need to take your temperature.

Cailyn: (sobbing) But I don't have a temperature.
(She thought I meant that I was going to take it away from her)

What a goof.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

What the?

What the heck kind of melon is this? It looks like a honeydew on the outside and a cantaloupe on the inside. It tasted like a combination of both. It was really good. I ate the whole thing all by my lonesome. My kids apparently don't like melons. I'd love to know what it's called so that I could get another one sometime, it was scrumdiddlyumtious.